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    Main » 2011 » October » 29 » The Mirror - Dark and horror photo manipulation

    9:03 PM
    The Mirror - Dark and horror photo manipulation
    In this tutorial i will show you how to create a dark and horror photo manipulation called "The Mirror". We will turn a girl into a zoombie, make blood, break glass, arrange elements and adjust color to generate an interestingly creepy scene.


    1. Open two background with model. I crop the top of background 1 ( to make focus on mirror). Cut model from background 2 and place her at the mirror part, make sure that the size is big enough to hide completely the reflection in mirror:

    Add layer mask to clear the part outside mirror and get the look that she is really inside mirror:

    2. The model in mirror looks so saturated agaisnt the background so i use a Hue/Saturation layer with Clipping Mask to fix it:

    I use a new layer with Clipping Mask and brush with color #838575 painting on model. Change the mode to Color 50%:

    3. As you see, the light of lamp comes from above, so a part of model arm which catch this light must be brighter than the rest. 
    Make two news layer with Clipping Mask, i use brush with color #b2a5a0  painting on this part, then change the mode to Overlay 100% and Soft light 100%:

    4. Now we will make shadow for model in mirror. First i make a new layer under this model layer. Use black brush, hardness about 20% painting on the bath towel to make shadow of model on it, lower opacity to 50%:

    Then use another layer ( under model layer) and black brush, continue painting on the wall part inside mirror. Lower opacity to 20%:

    5. Now we see model in the right ( model in background 1) looks a bit saturated agaisnt model in mirror. So i duplicate background and make a selection for this model ( we will call her model 1), copy it into a new layer. You don't need to be so precise with the selection.

    Add a Photo Filter with Clipping Mask for model 1 layer:

    You can use black brush to erase any unwanted parts:

    6. In next steps we will turn model 2 into a zoombie look. Make a new layer on the top. Use Clone tool to remove black part in the pupils. 

    With a new layer, use white brush, 9 px ( depends on the size of your picture), hardness 50% painting in the eye center. Set this layer to Overlay 30%:

    7. Make a new layer, use soft brush with color #4d3629 to paint on the lips. Set it to Soft light 100%:

    New layer again, i use brush with hardness 10%, color #72473c painting from the eyes and lips to make dry blood stains. Set this layer to Hard light 100%:

    8. Create a new layer, use stitches brush, color #4d3629 painting on lips ( you can choose the one you like). 

    We will add layer style to make this stitch look more realistic. Right click this layer, choose Blending options:

    We have:

    9. To make the eyes look more terrible, i add a new layer on the top, set to Overlay and fill with 50% gray:

    Take Burn Tool with Midtones range, Exposure about 30% to paint on eyes and around the eyes to darken these parts:

    10. To brighten more the hand part i use a new layer, brush with color #e6e6e5 to paint on it and put the mode as Soft light 50%:

    11. To make broken effect for mirror, i use broken glass brushes, number 984 ( on a new layer of course) and set foreground color to white. Lower opacity of this layer to 40% then add layer mask, use black brushes to erase or hide the edges of it:

    12. Make a new layer with Overlay mode 100%, i use brush with color #800202 painting on the fingers. Then you can use erase ( or add layer mask) with brush and hardness about 40-50%, small size to trim the edges to get similar look like mine: 

    To make a blood falling down from fingers, i create a new layer on the top. Use any tool you are familiar with to make selection like this ( i use Pen Tool to make a path then press Cmd/Ctrl+Enter to get selection), set feather =1 then fill it with color  #800202: :

    Apply Bevel and Emboss effect for this blood:

    We have :

    To make shadow and highlight for this blood, i make a new layer with Clipping Mask and settings like in step 9, use Dodge and Burn tool with Midtones Range and medium Exposure ( 40-50%):

    You can see how i used these tools with Normal mode and Overlay mode ( result):

    To make the bottom of this blood look smoother, i use a new layer ( no Clipping Mask), take Smudge tool with small size and medium strength to drag down gently :

    13. We will make some blood splatter in bathroom sink. Open this stock, extract it and place in inside the sink. 

    Add layer mask to clear outside part:

    Duplicate this layer twice, arrange and erase some parts to get similar look like this:

    With each blood splatter layer, make a Hue/Saturation layer ( Clipping Mask) to increase the red tone ( to fit the blood falling from above):

    14. Make a Photo Filter layer on the top to reduce yellow cast of picture:

    15. Move old texture into our document, resize and change the mode to Soft light 30%. Add layer mask to erase or blur as shown below:

    16. Make a Color Balance layer on the top then use brush to reduce the contrast on models:
    Midtones: 11, 11, 3
    Shadows: -2, -8, 3
    Highlights: -14, 7, 13

    Selective Color:
    Reds: 42, -6, 100, 0
    Yellows: -11, -3, -39, 0
    Magentas: 38, -55, 0, 0
    Whites: -38, -41, 0, 0
    Neutrals: 8, 0, 0, 0

    Photo Filter:

    17. Make a new layer , use Radiant Gradient with black and white:

    Change the mode to Soft light 100%, add layer mask to reduce the contrast on some parts as the screenshot below shows:

    Another layer with Radiant Gradient again, Soft light mode and layer mask:

    19. Hue/Saturation layer:

    20. Final step: After changing light and shadow of picture, the light of lamp must be darker a bit . To do it, i use a layer, choose brush with color  #999371 painting on this part , then change the mode to Multipy 20%:

    Final Result ( Full view):
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    ABOUT ME: I'm Jenny and i live in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you like what i write or want to keep in touch with me, you can subscribe to My blog, email me or like My Facebook page to keep updates of my latest works.

    Please ask before you want to post or translate my tutorials on other sites. I hardly decline if you ask nicely. Thank you :).

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    1 Tiffany   (2011-10-29 10:58 PM)
    Wonderful job! You break down the steps so it is easy to follow. Im going to try this as soon as I get some time too. Thanks for sharing these tutorials with us. Your work is great. Everyone one of us do appreciate the time you put into this and sharing with us. Thank you!

    0   Spam
    2 Admin   (2011-10-30 4:25 PM)
    You're welcome Tiffany. If you and people found what i write useful, i feel the time for making it worthy. Thank you wink

    0   Spam
    3 Nicholas   (2011-11-01 2:51 PM)
    Hey, love the result. Very simple yet so cool! I put a link to this tutorial on my site if you don't mind smile Keep up the good work!

    0   Spam
    4 Admin   (2011-11-01 4:05 PM)
    you're welcome. Thank you so much wink

    0   Spam
    5 anton   (2011-11-04 0:26 AM)
    i'm very like this tutorial.

    0   Spam
    8 Admin   (2011-11-11 9:16 PM)
    my pleasure biggrin

    0   Spam
    6 parveen sharma   (2011-11-05 6:56 PM)
    i want to learn more

    0   Spam
    9 Admin   (2011-11-11 9:17 PM)
    learn more about what?

    0   Spam
    7 Tonsy86   (2011-11-10 5:08 PM)
    one of the best tutorials ever.. i really enjoyed it.. you're talented smile

    0   Spam
    10 Admin   (2011-11-11 9:18 PM)
    thanks Tonsy for your keeps me inspired biggrin wink

    0   Spam
    11 Wizzard   (2011-11-14 3:52 AM)

    I did enjoy this tutorial. But as usual many tutorials like this lacks of proper explanations in some steps. This may be easy for professionals to understand anyhow, but for beginners this can be a little bit frustrating.. smile Maybe this wasn't a tutorial for beginners? smile

    When you for example say: Use Soft Light 100%. Do you mean Soft Light with Opacity 100%?

    In the endings of many tutorials I have tested they often starts to lack of good explanations. From part 12 (when it's time to make the blood on the bathroom sink) to last part I really didn't understand at all smile I think some more explanations would be great here for beginners. So I just skipped these steps completely.

    But in the end the most important thing is that I learned something! smile

    Thanks anyway and have a great life happy

    0   Spam
    13 Admin   (2011-12-30 9:07 PM)
    It's a photo manipulation tutorial, not a tutorial which teaches basic tools! I cant explain in details how to use brush, how to add layer mask or change opacity of layers! You should learn and pratice basic tools before doing more advanced designs. It's the reason why there are basic tutorials and there are advanced ones. Do you know how much effort that goes into a good tutorial? So pls be understanding to us writers. Try to write some tutorials then better ones. Hower im glad you learned something from here and thanks for your comment as well.

    0   Spam
    12 David Dimbu   (2011-12-17 10:35 PM)

    0   Spam
    15 Admin   (2011-12-30 9:09 PM)
    thank you wink

    0   Spam
    14 Admin   (2011-12-30 9:08 PM)
    because i think it's pretty far from bathroom sink so the shadow might be hard to be seen biggrin

    0   Spam
    16 ecclubkr   (2012-01-17 3:41 PM)
    i love jenny! Hacking refused! happy ;;

    0   Spam
    17 Admin   (2012-02-13 3:43 PM)
    hehe thank u biggrin tongue wink

    0   Spam
    18 yayuzaidi7199   (2012-02-15 7:43 AM)
    nice tuts dear.. i will try it soon.. love ur website so much.. giving me a lots of inspired.. falling in love with PS now... biggrin

    0   Spam
    19 Admin   (2012-03-12 1:56 PM)
    you're welcome happy to know it...will try to update it oftener biggrin ...thanks very much for your support wink

    0   Spam
    20 ataul haque kanchan   (2012-05-20 2:32 PM)

    0   Spam
    21 Admin   (2012-05-20 11:51 PM)
    thank you tongue , it's my pleasure to know! biggrin

    0   Spam
    22 eastar autocuiseur   (2012-06-11 5:22 AM)
    Hey, affecting represent !

    0   Spam
    23 Admin   (2012-07-05 10:12 PM)

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    24 mehak   (2013-11-08 9:31 PM)
    tongue tongue

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