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    Main » 2011 » January » 31 » Create beautiful glowing flowers

    11:46 AM
    Create beautiful glowing flowers

    I made this tutorial from a request though i did not mean to write this time . As you may see, im really busy recently. Our Lunar New Year will be starting after two days. Its our biggest and most important festival and  i want to help my family to prepare for it. So to all your comments, feedbacks, messages, emails, i will check back and answer later.

    Star brush

    1. Create a new document and fill it with black.

    2. Create a new layer, choose hard white brush with 6 px, hold the Shift key to draw a line:

    Choose Filter-Stylize-Wind:

    Hit Ctrl+F to repeat it twice:

    Choose Edit-Transform-Warp:

    Use Distort tool to transform it:

    Duplicate it 6 times and place them like a flower:

    Merge all these layer, use Perpective tool to transform it:

    3. Duplicate it and resize it, place it ilike the pic below to make receptacle:

    4. Create a new layer, use Pen tool to create a path, then choose Stroke Path with soft white brush , then duplicate it 3 times , transform them to make filament:

    5. Create a new layer, use hard white brush with 4 px to make flower anther:

    6. Create a new layer, use Pen Tool to create a path, stroke it with hard white brush ,  transform it then add layer mask with black brush ( opacity 30%) to erase to make flower stem:

    7. Choose flower petals layer, apply Outer glow with default settings:

    Apply this effect for all flower part layers.

    8. Click to choose all flower part layers:

    Press Ctrl+G to make group for them.

    Right click this group, choose Duplicate group. Repeat it three times again and transform them:

    9. Create a new layer, use star brushes to decorate the pic:

    10. On the top of layers, go to Layer-New Fill Layer-Gradient: 

    Set the mode of this Gradient fill layer to Color 100%.

    11. New Selective color layer:

    Reds: 100, 100, -100, 0
    Whites: 0, 42, 0, 0
    Neutrals: -11, 0, 0, 0

    Final effect:

    Views: 61233 | Added by: Admin | Tags: drawing, Photo effect, photoshop, petal, Photoshop tutorial, flower

    ABOUT ME: I'm Jenny and i live in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you like what i write or want to keep in touch with me, you can subscribe to My blog, email me or like My Facebook page to keep updates of my latest works.

    Please ask before you want to post or translate my tutorials on other sites. I hardly decline if you ask nicely. Thank you :).

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    1 tektok   (2011-01-31 8:58 PM)
    literally there is no enough word to thank u for sharing it with us,,
    helped so much,,

    9 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:14 PM)
    im glad to know it. Hope you can do better results wink

    2 Pigler   (2011-02-02 0:15 AM)
    Good tut, but kinda hard to follow sad

    10 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:14 PM)
    why hard to follow?

    3 sampada   (2011-02-02 9:19 AM)

    4 WIKI   (2011-02-03 2:29 PM)
    thank u

    5 csabi   (2011-02-03 11:16 PM)
    Hi! I just love your tutorial! Congratulations!
    I`we just opened a tutorials indexing website and I would like to ask you to submit your tutorials, it will bring you some extra traffic
    Please give a chance for my website:


    11 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:15 PM)
    Thanks for your will. I will take a look at your site. Thank you very much for your concern. Best of luck to your site smile wink

    6 Heather   (2011-02-04 1:28 AM)
    Thank you for this, Jenny! I liked it so much I man-ified it for my boyfriend so I could give him some flowers for Valentine's day. Instead of pinks & purples, I used oranges & reds and added some flames to the bottom and stems. I hope he likes it. Thanks again!

    12 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:17 PM)
    I received it via email, its very nice! I hope your boyfriend like it as you wink . Thank you for telling me and sharing it with me, im very pleased wink . Happy Valentines to you both wink wink

    7 Mona   (2011-02-04 5:34 PM)
    Thanks for this. Was helpful for a starter like me smile

    13 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:18 PM)
    im glad to hear it. You're welcome wink

    8 Rogelyn Josol   (2011-02-06 5:34 AM)
    It's very nice. .. I like your website. .. happy

    14 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:18 PM)
    Thank you wink

    15 Ayaan   (2011-02-07 9:59 AM)
    Nice Idea and outcome. but not very well written.Its really hard for new photoshop users to follow.should be more detailed.

    anyways, awesome flowers!

    19 Admin   (2011-02-08 1:15 PM)
    Well, i was very busy at this time writing this tutorial so it could not be very detailed. But i think if you have some photoshop basic skills, it will not be hard for you. Thank you for your comment, i will try to make my next tutorials easier and more detailed.

    16 Rafi   (2011-02-07 11:09 AM)
    Awesome!! but my photoshop cs has no wrap.. i cant do it.. sad

    20 Admin   (2011-02-08 1:19 PM)
    there is no warp tool in ps 8 but you may try distort tool or use Filter distort in photoshop instead. It cant get similar result but its beyond my ability smile

    17 Rafi   (2011-02-07 11:12 AM)
    i dont have warp.. cry

    18 Jose Diaz   (2011-02-07 1:11 PM)
    Hi, i'm writing from Tijuana, Mexico. I'm very impressed of your tut's happy , i did't start with this one but i just follow the reading and i'm very excited how you draw like a charm, just with one bit of line.

    Hope to read from you soon.

    Have a great day!

    21 Admin   (2011-02-08 1:21 PM)
    Thank you very much for your nice words. Hope to see your footprint here once more wink

    22 Rafi   (2011-02-10 9:46 AM)
    thanks Jen.. biggrin

    23 Admin   (2011-02-12 8:24 PM)
    you're welcome wink

    24 joko ismanto   (2011-02-16 12:59 PM)
    speechless !!! thanks Bro

    25 Admin   (2011-02-16 10:29 PM)
    thanks, but im not Jenny lol

    26 kavithasadasivam   (2011-02-18 4:14 PM)
    friend u have wonderful creativity

    27 densherny joy   (2011-02-22 1:46 PM)
    i love your beautiful flowers! biggrin biggrin

    28 Bharati   (2011-02-23 4:25 PM)
    woowoo woowoo owesome................

    29 faraz ali   (2011-02-24 4:12 PM)
    nice flower dud i like it.

    30 mousumi   (2011-02-25 2:13 PM)
    Nice work

    31 lubna   (2011-02-25 6:14 PM)
    where can i find the prepective tool?? n cheers 4 the tut smile smile

    32 Admin   (2011-02-27 4:20 PM)
    Thanks guys for comments!
    @lubna: Choose Edit-Transform-Perspective wink

    33 Astasheel   (2011-02-28 11:43 AM)
    Its very helpful... nice tut

    34 preeti   (2011-03-01 1:12 AM)
    hi jenny m preeti frm india. jus read ur tutorial it was miiiind blowing!!!!
    i made d similar flowers all in one take!!! thx a lot dear....u r a gr8 talent! keep going....... happy

    35 iapdesign photoshop tutorial   (2011-03-07 2:43 PM)
    Wow.. This is great.. i didn't think that you can come up with this kind of result using the wind stylize filter..
    Good job here sirr.! cool

    iapdesign photoshop tutorial

    36 VIJAY   (2011-03-07 7:11 PM)
    u did wonderful creativity

    37 VIJAY   (2011-03-07 7:11 PM)
    u did wonderful Job

    38 Admin   (2011-03-07 7:52 PM)
    Thanks guys! its really great support to me ! wink

    @iapdesign: im not sir simply Jenny tongue biggrin

    39 iapdesign photoshop tutorial   (2011-03-08 12:03 PM)
    @admin Jenny...

    hehe.. i didn't see that the author is a girl hehe.. smile
    I want more tutorial from you. MISS JENNY! tongue
    But anyway very good tutorial...

    iapdesign photoshop tutorial

    40 Admin   (2011-03-14 7:31 PM)
    haha ok, i will write more when i have time...just wait...i like the way you said and hope to see you here more wink

    41 laxmi   (2011-04-16 11:41 AM)
    Hey, really you are simply creative lol.i visited your blog and the stuff is awesome flower

    42 Admin   (2011-04-18 2:47 PM)
    Thanks Iaxmi wink

    43 Anne Nime   (2011-04-28 7:56 AM)
    hi jenny!

    This tutorial is really wonderful... I am having problems with my illustrator though. When I hit filter>stylize, I found that I do not have the wind effect. Also, even though my line is highlighted, all the other filters are grayed out (meaning, i couldn't use even the gaussian blurs, which means i couldn't really edit my line.) maybe there is a pre requisite that I couldn't fulfill? you have my email... i hope you could help me out.

    I'm also visiting your deviantart to look around. You are fabulous. thank you! biggrin


    44 Admin   (2011-04-29 10:19 PM)
    You meant you sent me an email? but i found no email that resembles what you mentioned. I dont know what is really your problem...maybe you should show me some screenshots via my email : and i might give you some suggestions smile . Thank you for watching me on Deviant and your kind words happy , glad to meet you wink biggrin tongue happy

    45 metalpig   (2011-09-25 3:40 PM)
    awesome tuts! i just found out this tutorial from other site, and kinda amaze that it's easy for you to do such effects.. thanks alot for sharing! :P

    btw, i like your site. smile


    46 Admin   (2011-10-04 6:26 PM)
    aww thank you so much ^ _ ^

    47 Mahesh Kumar   (2011-11-01 2:26 PM)
    thak you.....

    48 Admin   (2011-11-01 4:03 PM)
    you're welcome wink

    49 GMac   (2011-11-06 11:57 AM)
    I saw this a while ago and thought it was really cool, but I didn't know how to really do it. I tried again after I've learned more....but I got stuck at step 4..haha...the pen tool really really confuses me..could you tell me how to mess with it, or at least point me to a tut that'll help? Your work is amazing by the way...keep it up!!

    51 Admin   (2011-11-11 9:22 PM)
    you can look at this tutorial as a reference
    a wonderful one with very detailed and well explained about Pen Tool...hope it helps wink . And thank you so much for your comment wink

    50 Mina   (2011-11-07 11:41 PM)
    Hi, thanks for such a wonderful lesson... bt unlike everyone out there i am a bit unsuccessful. I get stuck in step 10.. my BG get gradient not the flowers... can u pls help me out here......I am also not understanding step 11..... i m using cs5... many many many many thanks...... wacko sad sad sad

    52 Admin   (2011-11-11 9:24 PM)
    Hi Mina,
    After set value for Gradient, you should change the mode of it to Color 100% and flower should apprear again biggrin . To do step 11, simply choose Layer-New adjustment layer-Selective Color. Hope it helps. wink

    53 adrisui   (2011-12-19 10:30 PM)
    Good tutorial. Did not think that it was this easy.

    54 Admin   (2011-12-30 9:16 PM)
    yes, its really easier than it seems biggrin

    55 MayWolf   (2012-02-09 4:03 AM)
    very well done. i realy like this and its super easy to do :3

    56 Admin   (2012-02-13 3:54 PM)
    no problem and thank you too wink

    57 Neneng   (2012-02-21 11:25 AM)
    Nice Work..Hope you can release more beautiful works biggrin

    60 Admin   (2012-03-12 2:02 PM)
    thank you, i'll try my best to do it wink

    58 Zaria   (2012-02-29 4:30 AM)
    I love your flower. Can you email me a picture of it.


    61 Admin   (2012-03-12 2:02 PM)
    i think you can follow my tutorial to do it in the way you's very easy...good luck wink

    59 sanjay powar   (2012-03-11 5:30 PM)
    wow! wonderful smile

    62 Admin   (2012-03-12 2:03 PM)
    thank you very much wink

    63 Arefin Nipon   (2012-05-22 1:59 PM)
    Thank You. I will try my best.

    64 Admin   (2012-06-10 2:26 PM)
    i hope so too wink

    65 Eileen Jacobsen   (2012-06-19 9:54 PM)
    Thanks a lot for a veery nice tut :-) But I think it´s not detailed enough explained as a new user. Some of the steps are not explained properly. But your tuts are awesome :-) The Best wishes From Eileen from Denmark/ Copenhagen :-)

    67 Admin   (2012-07-05 10:02 PM)
    Thank you Eileen :). It's a simple tut and i hoped it was easy to follow. If people have any questions you're welcome to leave your words and i'll try my best to explain wink

    66 Nabeel   (2012-06-24 6:00 PM)
    Amazing technique JENNY....gud work happy

    68 Admin   (2012-07-05 10:02 PM)
    Thank you Nabeel biggrin tongue

    69 Dung   (2012-08-11 6:03 PM)
    Anh có thể làm 1 cái Video hướng dẫn cụ thể đc ko?? Em mới tập PTS nên khó làm theo lắm:( Nếu đc e cảm ơn rất nhiều happy

    70 Tessa Miller   (2012-08-20 8:38 PM)
    Does this also work with CS6? I cant get it to work angry

    71 Admin   (2012-09-27 10:39 PM)
    i think it works in all photoshop version from CS2 tongue wink

    72 Schnuppe   (2013-02-09 2:04 AM)
    Thanks you very much for wonderful Tutorials huggers Schnuppe

    73 Admin   (2013-02-19 9:39 PM)
    you're most welcome  wink

    74 anni   (2013-02-20 12:22 PM)
    it is beautiful

    75 Rachel Werner   (2013-05-20 10:31 PM)
    cry can't figure out the last step. the gradient always never does what the picture shows. goes over background, covers everything behind it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I WAS ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! cry tears tears

    76 Admin   (2013-05-21 4:05 PM)
    Did you change the mode of this Gradient fill layer? I set it to Color mode 100%  wink

    77 Rachel Werner   (2013-05-21 9:49 PM)
    how do you do that? confused

    78 Admin   (2013-05-22 9:03 PM)
    Rachel, it's layer mode. Just change the mode as you do with normal layers  wink

    79 Rachel Werner   (2013-05-22 9:49 PM)
    i just don't get it help

    80 Admin   (2013-05-23 8:29 PM)
    Rachel, when you make a new layer and want to change the mode of it, how do you do?

    81 Recka   (2013-11-20 11:23 AM)
    so beautiful smile
    wink yes

    82 Admin   (2013-11-21 2:39 PM)
    thank you  wink

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