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    Main » 2010 » November » 26 » The enchanted forest- Fantasy photo manipulation

    5:07 PM
    The enchanted forest- Fantasy photo manipulation

    My first fantasy photo manipulation, so bear with me! . I wanted to create a fantasy tutorial, but lacked the idea. Finally i ended up with this result. I dont really like it but i hope i can get good feedbacks and suggestions my future tutorials. So, help me?



    Forest background


    Wild flower

    Butterfly 1
    and Butterfly 2
    Glitter brushes

    Light ray brushes

    1. Open the background , resize it.

    2. Open the model stock. I use pen tool to extract her out and move into document. The bottom of background is dark and her dress is very long so we dont need to make shadow under her. We will make some things to make her look more realistic later.

    3. Create a new layer, i use clone tool to fix her hair, check "Sample All Layers" on property bar. Now it looks more natural. To use clone tool, you can search for my retouch tutorials or on the webs.

    4. Make a new selective color layer:
    Reds: -70,-49,64,0
    Yellows: 14,9,44,0
    Greens: 35,21,46,0

    This step is to make color of model more suitable to background.

    5. Create two new layers, grab a selection with Elliptical Marquee tool on the first:

    Choose Edit-Stroke:


    Choose second layer, click Marquee tool, then right click the selection, choose Make Work Path with tolerance =0.5


    Choose brush 6 px, hardness 100% with settings:


    Choose Pen tool then right click the path, choose Stroke Path:

    Right click it again, choose Delete Path we have:

    Merge two these layers, add layer mask to erase this circle to make it look like the pic below:


    Apply Blending options:


    This is what we have:

    6. Open butterfly stock. Make selection around  some different motions, copy it and paste into our file. Resize and set different positions ( its not really matter because we will edit them later )

    7. Create a new layer, use Line tool to draw some lines:

    Choose white brush with 2px, hardness 100% with settings:

    Choose Stroke path and Delete path like step 5 we have:

    This step is to create tree curtain.

    8. Make a new layer, use soft brush with color 94a51e to paint over her dress. Set it to Soft light 100%.

    9. Open the fern stock. I resize it then drag into document and place it under model dress:

    Press Ctrl+M to reduce the light and tone:

    10. Cut the wild flower stock and paste into our file. Resize, move, duplicate it many times, change some colors, distort, make drop shadow ( from blending options with default settings) and positions like this:

    11. Create a new layer, use soft white brush to make some spots on the pic:

    Set this layer to Soft light 100%

    12. New layer again, use Glitter II brushes, number 2170 then 2196 with 90 px make some glitter parts:

    Aply Outer glow with default settings we have:

    13. Come back to butterfly layers, move them to different positions and make shadow from blending options for the butterfly selected on the pic:

    14. New layer with glitter brushes, make some sparks :

    Set outer glow with default settings:

    15. New layer again, use light ray brushes, number 1266 with 650 px to make a light ray on the pic, lower opacity to 70%:

    Use perspective tool to transform it. Add layer mask to erase some sharp part of the light rays. Then place this layer under the girl layer.

    16. Make a new layer, i use soft white brush making some spots on model:

    Set it to Soft light 100%.

    17. Create a new color balance layer:
    Midtones: 20,13,-28
    Shadows: 0,20,0
    Highlights: 0,0,-10

    New selective color layer:

    Yellows: -11,-18,54,9
    Greens: -26,100,100,100
    Blacks: 5,14,69

    New Brightness/contrast layer: -15/10

    18. Make a new layer, set to Overlay and fill with 50% gray:

    Use Dodge and Burn tool to lighten and darken some parts of the pic.

    Move it under Color balance layer.

    19. A new selective color layer
    Reds: 72,-49,0,0
    Yellows: 11,25,-24,0
    Greens: 30,-36,0,55
    Magentas: 100,-100,0,100

    Color balance layer :
    Midtones: -12,-17, 19
    Shadows: 0,12,-8
    Highlights: 0,0,-6

    Final result:

    Here are 10 Flickr groups for vintage photography inspiration that you can use for your photo manipulation .

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    ABOUT ME: I'm Jenny and i live in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you like what i write or want to keep in touch with me, you can subscribe to My blog, email me or like My Facebook page to keep updates of my latest works.

    Please ask before you want to post or translate my tutorials on other sites. I hardly decline if you ask nicely. Thank you :).

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    0   Spam
    1 hi1   (2010-11-26 5:25 PM)
    Good job!

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    2 Admin   (2010-11-26 7:26 PM)
    i hope so confused ...*sigh*

    0   Spam
    3 Wayne   (2010-11-26 10:38 PM)
    I like it and have seen a lot of tutorials!! glitter brushes are cool!

    thanks for posting

    0   Spam
    7 Admin   (2010-11-28 8:10 PM)
    Thank you Wayne wink

    0   Spam
    4 Christian Chin   (2010-11-28 8:49 AM)
    o wow jenny this is amazing!!! and exactly wat i was looking for, i have ur website set as my homepage and i got to say u, are amazing i cant wait for u 2 make ur next tutorial!!! happy

    0   Spam
    8 Admin   (2010-11-28 8:11 PM)
    Thank you very much, im happy to know it wink . The next tutorial will be live soon and hope you keep liking and supporting tongue biggrin wink

    0   Spam
    5 chuck Thomas   (2010-11-28 3:37 PM)
    I liked your fantasy very much. Can you do a poster for me please? If you e-mail me at a11 at mail dot com, I will send you the idea and photos. I would be thrilled. Chuck Thomas.

    0   Spam
    9 Admin   (2010-11-28 8:13 PM)
    email me at and we can discuss there wink

    0   Spam
    6 Belthy   (2010-11-28 3:43 PM)
    Very nice result, i'm gonna try it today biggrin

    0   Spam
    10 Admin   (2010-11-28 8:15 PM)
    Thanks, and dont forget to show me your result wink

    0   Spam
    11 Rnel   (2010-12-01 8:51 PM)
    Sweet and Sexy Fantasy Photo Manipulation result smile

    0   Spam
    13 Admin   (2010-12-02 8:21 AM)
    In fact i dont think the result is good...i think i could do better sad . But thank you Rnel...i just wonder why it is sexy? tongue

    0   Spam
    12 tara Noel   (2010-12-02 3:12 AM)

    0   Spam
    14 Admin   (2010-12-02 8:22 AM)
    Thanks Tara! you are welcome wink

    0   Spam
    15 Sashipoo   (2010-12-03 9:44 AM)
    I think its absolutely beautiful, I would never have known it was your first:)...its really very good biggrin

    0   Spam
    16 Admin   (2010-12-06 10:16 PM)
    Thank you for nice feedback, it means a lot to me wink

    0   Spam
    17 Matrocks   (2010-12-07 9:46 AM)
    thats beutiful, but if u add transparency or drop shadow at some part of the bottom on clothes, thts will be more realistic..maybe.. ^^,

    0   Spam
    19 Admin   (2010-12-08 8:16 PM)
    i tried to do it but it didnt look good and it was hard to see the change as the bottom of background is dark as i said above wink . But thanks for your suggestion wink

    0   Spam
    18 rhoden23   (2010-12-07 2:01 PM) beautiful , cant wait to try this once i get home.
    nice job jenny!

    0   Spam
    20 Admin   (2010-12-08 8:19 PM)
    Hi rhoden, glad to see you here again happy . Im happy you liked my tutorial, hope you can do it successfully wink

    0   Spam
    21 tracy   (2010-12-12 1:37 PM)
    thanks .i love it.
    thanks very much .so specific.Nice!!!!

    0   Spam
    25 Admin   (2010-12-14 8:19 PM)
    Thanks Tracy! wink

    0   Spam
    22   (2010-12-13 1:44 PM)
    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. ^_^.
    I like the lightning and style.. good job

    0   Spam
    26 Admin   (2010-12-14 8:21 PM)
    you're welcome wink . Its always a pleasure for me to know you and people like what i write wink

    0   Spam
    23 Jack   (2010-12-14 3:47 AM)
    After long time i am visiting your site, that is great tutorial from you once again..specially some glitter and sparkles included in plants which are there in feet of model is good. I have also noticed a reply from you saying "In fact i dont think the result is good...i think i could do better" yes the creator should be like have fantastic creative ideas....Keep rocking

    Clipping path, masking, retouching, color correction, vector

    0   Spam
    27 Admin   (2010-12-14 8:33 PM)
    Hi Jack
    In fact i lacked ideas and inspiration doing this tutorial dry so i dont think the result is good, but finally many people dont think like me :p.
    Thank you Jack, its always great to hear from you wink .
    Stay well, stay blessed wink

    0   Spam
    24 mimi   (2010-12-14 9:07 AM)
    fabuluos! tongue

    0   Spam
    28 sajjad khan   (2010-12-15 5:05 PM)
    goods photo

    0   Spam
    29 clengz   (2010-12-16 1:46 PM)
    it soooo beautiful . . .. . . . wink

    0   Spam
    30 Admin   (2010-12-16 8:10 PM)
    Thanks wink

    0   Spam
    31 Alex   (2010-12-19 2:44 PM)
    That's amazing clap clap

    0   Spam
    32 Admin   (2010-12-19 8:17 PM)
    thanks for your words wink

    0   Spam
    33 ThePhotographer   (2010-12-21 11:26 PM)
    Wow, seriously amazing - thanks so much for sharing this!

    0   Spam
    34 Admin   (2010-12-22 11:05 AM)
    not at all, glad it could be nice wink

    0   Spam
    35 sk.vidurs designs   (2010-12-23 2:23 AM)
    thanks is very nice work ,, good glitter and lightning tech ..keep it up

    0   Spam
    37 Admin   (2010-12-23 7:48 PM)
    thank you wink

    0   Spam
    36 tonyopena   (2010-12-23 11:33 AM)
    Nice artwork Jen...i'm coming in Vietnam,hopefully next year...Right now i'm here in Qatar for a 1 year work in Graphics also...hope to see more tutorials from you.More power to all creative souls....

    0   Spam
    38 Admin   (2010-12-23 7:51 PM)
    I hope you will get lots of success and luck in work and life no matter where you are. Thank you for your nice words, hope to see you in Vietnam soon and of course, here too wink tongue .

    0   Spam
    39 Logomondo   (2010-12-30 1:31 PM)
    Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    0   Spam
    40 Admin   (2011-01-01 7:42 PM)
    Thank you wink

    0   Spam
    41 Sebastian   (2011-01-02 4:23 AM)
    Hello, she needs shadow behind her... smile Ofc, good job. smile

    0   Spam
    43 Admin   (2011-01-05 9:28 AM)
    can you say it in more details? thanks wink

    0   Spam
    42 Pro-Retouch   (2011-01-04 6:00 AM)
    Hi, very nice work and cool tutorial. Well done! Looking fwd to seeing your other work :-)

    0   Spam
    44 Admin   (2011-01-05 9:29 AM)
    thanks for your nice words :). So keep visiting biggrin tongue wink

    0   Spam
    45 wayne   (2011-01-06 7:31 PM)
    Congrats, I see your tut listed on PSDtut+ list of the 20 best of the web for December 2010! Great job!!

    0   Spam
    46 Admin   (2011-01-06 8:20 PM)
    I knew it already and i was very surprised biggrin for my this tutorial has been featured on some popular photoshop sites wacko tongue tongue . Thanks for your words and kindness wink though im really confused about how great it is biggrin biggrin biggrin tongue tongue

    0   Spam
    47 Delali   (2011-01-24 0:00 AM)
    please help me, i'm almost done, but i'm stuck at "creat a new color balance" i know where the colore balance is, but i don't know how to creat a new one, can someone please help me how to "create a NEW color balance?
    thank u

    0   Spam
    48 Admin   (2011-01-24 8:08 PM)
    its an adjustment layer. Choose Layer-New adjustment layer-Color Balance wink

    0   Spam
    49 sya syaza   (2011-02-03 0:41 AM)
    Hi Jenny.i'm from's amazing.I dont think this is not good enough.but...can i ask ur favor?can u send me via email those model.i find it not available 4 free.actually im a bit shy to say this but im a student n dun hv enough money(the truth is i dun know how 2buy it too!) 2 buy those model picture..TQ hope u'll make more tutorial like this happy

    0   Spam
    50 Admin   (2011-02-06 8:24 PM)
    Some people asked me to do it too but as i said above, its a purchased model and i cant redistribute or share it. Sorry. No need to do the same model like mine, you can apply it on your own. I think you can find many better models from free photo sources such as deviantart or

    0   Spam
    51 Dom   (2011-02-16 9:53 PM)
    excuse me, where can i find those brushes?? It seems that i can't find any glitter II, light ray, glitter brushes on CS3. mind helping me?

    0   Spam
    52 Admin   (2011-02-16 10:33 PM)
    you can follow all the links in Resources part i gave above... i dont know why you cant find them?

    0   Spam
    53 wilma   (2011-03-07 3:13 PM)
    Amazing and eye catching tutorial. Good Job keep it up!!! smile

    0   Spam
    54 Admin   (2011-03-07 7:57 PM)
    Thank you!

    0   Spam
    55 iding   (2011-03-14 1:39 AM)
    Hi jenny...
    I from indonesia...
    all your toturial a great job...amazing...
    NIce work... wink

    0   Spam
    56 Admin   (2011-03-14 7:37 PM)
    Greetings to Indonesia and thank you for nice words! wink

    0   Spam
    57 thamali   (2011-04-22 2:55 PM)
    very nice. smile smile

    0   Spam
    58 Admin   (2011-04-22 9:10 PM)
    Thanks wink

    0   Spam
    59 Lisa   (2011-04-29 0:56 AM)
    Wow this is a great tutorial. You made beautiful choices. Thanks you for sharing. I will bookmark this one and see what I can come up with. smile

    0   Spam
    60 Admin   (2011-04-29 10:22 PM)
    Thanks, im glad to see the result with your practice. Dont forget to show me it wink

    0   Spam
    61 shruti   (2011-05-23 2:25 PM)
    beautiful and great job.......and thanks for sharing

    0   Spam
    62 Admin   (2011-05-26 11:01 PM)
    my pleasure ...glad to know it wink

    0   Spam
    63 Ramesh Vishwakarma   (2011-06-08 4:38 PM)
    Great job... Love this tutorial

    0   Spam
    64 Admin   (2011-06-08 9:53 PM)
    aww thank you ^^

    0   Spam
    65 DarkMagic   (2011-06-09 6:26 PM)
    wow, that's amazing ^^

    0   Spam
    66 Admin   (2011-06-10 11:05 PM)
    thanks biggrin

    0   Spam
    67 clipping path   (2011-06-18 1:17 PM)
    I really like these tutorial very wonderful blog it is, you have done a great work thank you so much for sharing these post.

    0   Spam
    68 Admin   (2011-07-05 10:25 AM)
    It's always pleasure for me. Thank you wink

    0   Spam
    69 Terrie   (2011-07-13 3:02 AM)
    I really like this! I think the girl is posing more to sell the dress than to enjoy the enchanted forest. I would have chosen a different model, but this dress is gorgeous!

    0   Spam
    71 Admin   (2011-07-21 10:23 PM)
    haha you're right, so we photomanipulators have stuffs to do tongue biggrin wink

    0   Spam
    70 Angelic   (2011-07-21 3:03 PM)
    Woow... it's cool clap

    0   Spam
    72 Admin   (2011-07-21 10:23 PM)
    Thanks wink

    0   Spam
    73 Mattingly   (2012-02-15 4:15 AM)
    Thanks for tnaikg the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate

    0   Spam
    75 Admin   (2012-03-12 1:53 PM)
    you're welcome, it's my pleasure always wink

    0   Spam
    74 khan.mateen   (2012-02-15 3:55 PM)
    beautiful pic cry

    0   Spam
    76 Admin   (2012-03-12 1:53 PM)
    why sad ?

    0   Spam
    77 sandy   (2012-08-14 4:24 PM)
    it is very nice....thanks angry tongue

    0   Spam
    78 Admin   (2012-09-27 10:41 PM)

    0   Spam
    79 Hoang   (2012-10-17 11:01 PM)
    Chị là người Vn sao mà giỏi vậy trời . Chị học PTS được bao lâu mà khủng vậy?

    0   Spam
    80 Admin   (2012-10-20 8:33 PM)
    cũng bình thường thôi em, còn nhiều người Việt giỏi hơn chị nhiều ấy chứ biggrin . Chị học PTS từ 2010 biggrin

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